How to Build an A-Team That Personifies Your Vision and Brand?

Building the right team Here's a list of the right questions.

How do I build an A-Team that just gets my vision? How do I hire the right person aligns with my brand?

My advice?

Start by asking the right questions in the hiring process.

Ask questions that focus on WHO they are, instead of WHAT they do. This opens up conversations that will help you know if you have a winner or a “hard pass” thanks.

Won’t it be great to effectively recruit individuals who believe so much in what you’re up to that they enthusiastically serve your people, shout your message from the rooftops, and repeatedly ask how they can be more involved and help?

It’s so invigorating to have those on your team who see your vision and are determined to be the most sought-after health care facility in your city, region and state.

Why NOT your brand?

I’ve compiled this list of questions specifically designed to help you build an A-Team. These questions help you get to know WHO your potential hire is instead of just what they can do.

Have fun and enjoy the process of connecting on a deeper level with others.

“We may never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today may effect the millions of lives tomorrow.”

Dr BJ Palmer

If you ever need extra guidance, reach out!


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