Strategies For Overwhelmed Moms

The feeling of overwhelm is something that most new moms can relate to. Am I right?

It’s the guilt, stress, and lack of knowledge about how they should be taking care their family while also trying to take care of themselves with no sleep.

Let’s not get started if you’re an new mama and entrepreneur. Phewwww!

I get it! Looking back on those days, there were so many times where I wish someone had just given me some tips from experience because it would have made my life easier.

So new mamas, I’ve got one big piece of advice for you to come out from underneath that blanket of overwhelm.

It’s super simple. Psss guess what? I still apply these strategies and I’m 52.

I highly encourage you apply this one habit that will help you go to bed every night feeling accomplished.

It’s super simple.

First, as soon as you start your day, you’re going to choose three priorities.

A priority could be: business, family, you know, self care, cleaning your house, whatever it happens to be.

You’ll also add one task for each priority and make it really simple.

Let’s say that like one of your priorities today is self care. Like,

I mean, one of my priorities this week was self care. And you know what I did? I made sure I put coconut oil on.

That’s how simple it was.

But at the end of the day, I got to feel accomplished that I had done that one thing, and then you just keep being consistent with it and you’re going to be shocked how much better you feel, and really how much more you get accomplished.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

If you need more guidance, reach out!


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