How To Keep Your Team On Track

I’m often asked by my chiro collages about the best strategies in keeping a team on track….

Now if you or your team is like me, we may share this common toxic trait – as soon as the weather is nice I want to throw my responsibilities out the window for a day or two and get outside.

So, given that summer has officially kicked off it’s imperative for us to be able to hold our teams (and ourselves) accountable to stay on track.  Am I right?

There’s two really amazing tools that I share with my chiro private coaching clients and Boot Camp members.

2. The Daily Success Sheet

The DSS is something you can implement in your practice if you really want to get granular on a visit. Your team has to get 50 points per day on the Daily Success sheet to qualify for bonus. Then it lays out all of the major categories, our practices, and lays out the steps of each system in that. 

Once completed your team grades itself and identifies what they did.

 Now, why is that important? 

What’s really important when you have a monster month, you want to be able to go back and look at like how did we do that. Right? Like who did what? 

Well, the Daily Success Sheet tells you every single play, of every single practice, of every single team member that led to the results that you got – whether good or bad. 

Also keep in mind that the Daily Success Sheet really honors that in order for a system to be successful…

It must be measurable, reproducible, innovative, and we must eliminate discretion. 

2. ABCs

I have to give credit to one of my mentor’s for the ABCs strategy. He effectively uses this super simple time management strategy in all of his multimillion dollar businesses (and he’s done several).

You’re simply going to have a Google sheet. 

On a Google Sheet, you’ll have a tab that has a hat tab that has B and A hat tab that has C’s, on each of them on A’s, you’ll have the date that the team member name and the task. And what you’re going to do there is just do a dump of what has to be done this week. 

Each team member does a dump of what needs to be done this week. Then in Bs, it’s what needs to be done this month and Cs what needs to be done this quarter. And and then you and your team can each see what each other is accomplishing this week, this month, and this quarter, 

So I invite you to try these super simple strategies!

Now I know many of you may not have access to the Daily Success Sheet. If you’d like to find out how you can get access to it, reach out.

You may also find this blog helpful when it comes to training your team and keeping them on track.


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