Because building relationships with female chiropractors who want to be instinctively successful is my obsession, I am sharing my story with you.

There are parts that are embarrassing and some that are completely raw; however, I am willing to bare it all so that you and your children don’t have to suffer the way that we did.

There I was, an angry, stressed out, and exhausted working mom! I was trying to do it all and to most eyes, I was succeeding.

The thing is that my identity became completely entangled with my practice success.

Though it really stinks to admit it now, my happiness was based on how many people I served and thus how much money I made. When numbers were up, so was I. When my number experienced a slump…oh sister, look out, I was on a rampage. My stats either made me feel like I was a super star who could do no wrong or left me whirling in doubt and fear wondering if i had made a terrible decision opening my own practice.

I’ll never forget the day that forever changed my entrepreneurial journey.

I walked in through the small porch on the back of the house, arms full of files and work that still needed to be completed before getting up early the next day to do it all over again. I was utterly exhausted as I kicked the screen door, flinging it open, hurling the neatly stacked toys (meant to impress mommy) into a jumbled mess.

Through clinched teeth I growled, “Pick up your mess!” as I stomped over her dolls and books, slamming the contents in my arms down onto the table. I had worked hard all day and I wanted to make sure everyone in the house knew it.

In my brash huff, I failed to notice the sweet bundle of happiness that had been running towards me eager to gain mommy’s approval and attention.

Though faint, the sound of my sweet, 4-year old baby girl’s sniffles was deafening. As I slowly turned around, my gaze was filled with the sight of Mycah’s tiny arms lifted up towards me, tears streaming down her chubby, tanned cheeks, bottom lip quivering as she whispered through spit bubbles,

“Mommy, I just want you to be happy.”

In an instant reality came crashing in…I had crushed my own child’s heart! Me, her mama. The one who was only supposed to provide, love, protection, and support.


To say that my sweet, innocent daughter captured my attention and the core of my being that day is an understatement. In that moment, I didn’t feel guilt. I didn’t feel anger. I felt intense regret and deep sorrow for having brought pain to my unconditionally loving daughter. Mycah desperately wanted just a little bit of my attention and reached out in the only way she knew how…through gentleness and kindness, seeking mommy’s applause. Even in the very moment of her sorrow, her plea was for ME to be happy…


Oh girl, I had it so wrong back then. That’s why I am writing to you today. In full disclosure, I still get teared up remembering that moment. It’s like it happened yesterday and yet it was 18 years ago! I don’t want you, or your cherubs, to experience the agony of the “busy-ness addiction” that caused me to crush my daughter’s heart. I want better for you and your babies.

The truth is, that on that day, my 4-year old daughter caused me to draw one of the most permanent lines in the sand I have ever carved, which holds true to this day.

My non-negotiable line: If I’m gonna be away from my kids, I’m making money!!

This pivotal shift made it obvious that I only knew how to do business like a man, not a woman. I’m not making excuses here, just stating the obvious because business ownership for men and women is not the same. In case you haven’t figured it out, men and women are wired differently. Mommies and daddies are both vital to the nurturing and rearing of children simply because we each do it differently. That’s the beauty of the whole puzzle. Regardless of how you want to dilute the truth, the stark reality is that it’s not the same for men and women.

Mommies sense things that daddies don’t. Daddies know cool stuff that mommies don’t. Neither is better than the other-they’re just different.

The same is true in practice…up to that point, I only had access to a practice manual that was based on being a man and try as I may, I wasn’t a dude. Sure, the steps in that manual catapulted me to success; however, there was always something about how I was doing business that felt a bit off.

Maybe you have felt it too…have you felt like you’re running plays in your practice that were created for someone else? Kind of like wearing someone else’s worn-in jeans. It’s just not a great fit even, if you got them buttoned and zipped all the way up.

It became clear to me that I had to revamp how I was operating my practice. I had to stop carrying my practice members and just care for them. I had to train my team to take ownership of the results that I wanted to generate in my practice.

The ‘let’s make a deal’ financial mess came to a screeching halt. And most importantly, time with my sweet cherubs became focused, harmonious, joyful, and full of ease. My son and daughter finally got ALL of mommy when we were together instead of the previous distracted, irritated, distant mommy who was only a bunch of fragmented, exhausted pieces.

I tightened up every aspect of my business because my kids were worth it. Training was no longer sporadic and optional. If my practice was going to run like a well-oiled, highly efficient machine, then my team and I all had to know our roles and take 100% responsibility for the systems that yielded success. Satisfaction became the norm for us and our practice members. The energy was palpable even from the parking lot.

Next, I cut out the money bandits. I refused to pay for things, however small, if they weren’t making a positive impact on my practice. No more justification for gadgets, products, or services that I was told would bring me profits and yet never did. I knew I had to invest more heavily in my own growth and development if I was really going to take this thing to the top. A team never out grows the mindset and strategy of the owner, so I doubled down on my own coaching and never looked back.

Throughout the past two decades I have continued to refine and define the tools necessary for women to win-BIG TIME-inside and outside their practices. The 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to DOUBLE Your Business was born April 17th, 2017 and has become THE Tribe for female chiropractors who want to be instinctively successful. Women from all walks of life, each practicing in her unique way, and from every corner of the earth are leading more fulfilled lives personally and professionally as a result of their membership in the Boot Camp.

All great things are meant to be shared, which is why in October 2018 we offered the first-ever Women’s Chiropractic Leadership Summit. Attendees were blown away by the level of intimacy we all shared, and the practical tools given by each speaker. I even surprised every guest with an A-list Hollywood actor, Glenn Morshower, who took us on a wild, emotional ride full of laughter and tears as he taught us the importance of owning our individual greatness.

This year promises an even greater experience for every woman connected to chiropractic. All female DCs2B, chiropractors, spouses, team members, faculty, supporter…you’re all invited to join us at Life University on October 26th, 2019. Our theme is…

Girl, Just Because You Carry It All So Well Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Heavy.

Women across the globe report that their number one struggle is overwhelm.

I know exactly what that feels like and I refuse to sit on the sidelines while my chiro sisters struggle trying to figure it out on their own; unsupported and feeling all alone.

That’s why I have assembled an unbelievably talented collection of women from many walks of life; varying backgrounds; perspectives; and success levels as our speakers for this monumental women’s event!! Even before we meet together on October 26th, you’ll receive each speakers’ most closely guarded tips and strategies to lighten your load, bringing more joy and happiness into your life.

You’ll also gain access to our Women’s Chiropractic Leadership Summit workbook and Entrepreneurial Tool Kit designed to drive profitability in your practice, dramatically easing the financial overwhelm that commonly keeps you up at night; causes rifts in your relationships; and makes you feel like a failure.

Come join your chiro sisters at The Women’s Chiropractic Leadership Summit, October 26th, 2019 at Life University. You will be bathed in support, empowerment, and genuine relationships like you’ve never experienced before!

Girl, it’s time to get help carrying that heavy load. Meet me half way…join us at this exclusive event for powerful women just like you!

See you at LIFE University on October 26, 2019.


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