Upgrading your goals…

Nearly every stage I speak from, I ask the audience, “Raise your hand if you’re truly living to your optimum potential.” Shockingly, not one time-EVER-has anyone raised their hand. Shocking right? If you were in the audience and I asked that question, would you raise your hand?

If you’re like me then you are forever setting, hitting, and upgrading your goals. If you’re, also like me, you have history of having amazing dreams that never become reality and yet you know to your core you absolutely CAN achieve the dream… you just don’t. UGH!

Sound familiar? Let’s get to the bottom of this epidemic together ok?

When you imagine who you want to become does your current priority list reflect that person?

Are your daily tasks aligning to uncover and grow that person?

Our dreams don’t just wah-la magically come true. We have to work towards them every single day and yet, when we look at our To Do list it’s anything BUT the pathway towards that dream and person. It’s typically filled with the same junk as was on there a month ago…many times even a year ago.

The truth is that we are our ACTIONS, not our goals.

We only get to reap the rewards of our actions. Our action must be sustained and massive. We cannot let up on the accelerator when we start winning, which is super common. We get so excited about the changes that are happening that we slack off.

It’s no different than the PM who feels great and says, “You know doc, I’m feeling so much better, I think I’m gonna cut my schedule down to just once per month.” Huh? Why when your health is finally moving in the right direction would you stop? 

Why when our progress finally moves in the right direct, why do we stop?

I think it has a lot to do with our failure to really lock into the person who we must become in order to achieve the goal and live the dream. We let ourselves off the hook too easily.

If you ever feel you’re letting yourself off the hook too easily and need some accountability. Reach out. I reach back!


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