10 Steps to Heal Emotional Wounds

Guest post from Bootcamper Dr. Gloria Stone

Have you ever been in so much emotional pain that your heart just aches at the slightest thought of it? It’s almost like there is a hole in your chest. Your heart is beating, yet you feel numb and unfulfilled. It’s the feeling you get after a bad break-up, or a gnarly divorce or even the subtle feeling of failing as a parent. You’re mentally on an insanely high rollercoaster…dropping from it’s highest peak and you’re no longer in control. What can you do? Your palms are sweaty, your heart is racing and you’re hurting; mentally, physically and spiritually. This is deep emotional pain.

However, healing emotional wounds is imperative. If left unaddressed, those lingering emotions can leave you feeling over-sensitive or even insensitive to a plethora of topics. Subsequently, wounds can present in various ways. Ask yourself, “ Are you constantly seeking the social approval of others? Do you lack self-confidence? Do you get offended easily?

Wounds leave you feeling vulnerable, yet in order to heal them, you must first acknowledge them and understand the true reason behind them. You must seek the origin of these feelings. Similar to chiropractic, you must get to the root cause of the problem before the healing transformation can begin. Healing flows from the inside out, therefore we must heal our minds and mend our hearts.

Nevertheless, I have developed 10 Steps to Heal Emotional Wounds:

Acknowledge them –

Write down your feelings and the why behind them –

Strategize on how to turn negative emotions into positive ones –

Take deep breaths into your mouth, elevate that breath through your mind, into your heart and exhale –

Focus on self-compassion by using daily affirmations –

Surround yourself with supportive friends –

Be present time-conscious –

Release the mental pictures associated with those negative feelings –

Visualize the healing of those emotional wounds moving –

Let go (Make peace)

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