The Sweet Present Moment

Guest Post from Bootcamper Haleigh Cooper, D.C.

Inspiration to me is something that challenges me. Something that helps me to see outside of the box and look forward to a goal that I want to accomplish, but there is more to is than just looking ahead. I was at church last night and the speaker said that the mind is always more interested in the wanting rather than the having. I’m sure that makes sense to all of us. It’s fun to want things and imagine what we can do, be and have. Those are the thoughts that keep us going. Those are our inspiration. Like the speaker was saying, though there is another side of inspiration. That comes in the present, the having. What we are doing, being and having now. Do you ever walk up to the doors of your office in the morning, the sun is shining the air is cool and refreshing and it’s perfect. The day is already perfect so it can only get better from there. I love that moment. The present. Being satisfied right then right before I unlock the door.

I can see all of the families and loved ones who are going to be so happy to come in and get checked and it just makes that moment even sweeter.

A lot of times that moment is my inspiration. Being in a state of loving satisfaction. I try to bring that feeling into my office and stay there throughout the day. I can’t be sure that everyone can feel that consciously but I know they will unconsciously. I can only hope that is inspiring others to strive to be in a state of loving satisfaction.

I have this patient who is so sweet, but is a very manly man. He works in a lumber yard and is gruf and tough emotionally and physically. He laughs at me some days and even asked me once, “Do you always smile this much?” He thinks the music I play is comical because most of the songs are singing about being love. I love when he comes because I know I can put a smile on his face even if it is because he thinks I’m a happy little fairy. That is the impression I want to give and inspiration I want to give to people. Which is that you can be happy everyday even if it is to lovingly laugh at someone else for a few minutes.

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