You Could Have Had It All, But You Said No

You have can have it all.

Take a minute to read this story, it will change the entire outlook of your day:

One day a human died and went to heaven. When she got there, she was greeted by a host of angels. They promptly welcomed her and took her on a brief tour. After the tour, they took her to her room. Once in the room she pointed to a large door and asked where it went. The angels looked at the ground, not wanting to answer. Finally, one angel said, “We’re not allowed to keep you out, but please believe us, you don’t want to go in there.”

The angels left and she sat on her bed wondering what in the world could be so bad that all of the angels cautioned her not to enter. Though knowing that she should heed their warning, she opened the door and went inside.

Once inside she saw glorious pictures of she and her family at Disney, flanked by every Disney-themed trinket one could imagine. She saw pictures of her children playing sports and exploring the arts. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she combed through her kids’ costumes, uniforms, instruments, shoes, toys, and memorabilia. Her mind raced wildly as she held special mementos from romantic getaways she and her husband shared. She continued staring at all of these wonderful objects reminiscent of an amazing life and then her eyes filled with tears. 

Just then the angel who had cautioned her not to go reached out and held her hand. “I don’t understand. All of this is so wonderful, but most of it I never experienced. I dreamed about it, but we just never did it. I missed most of the memories involving all of the mementos of my children…what’s going on?

The angel squeezed her hand a little tighter and said, “That’s why we didn’t want you to come in. It’s all of the stuff that God had for you and your family, but you just never said YES, though you could have.

Interesting story, huh? What have you been saying NO to that you really want to say YES to? 

If you had $1million in the bank would you say YES?

(Don’t get caught up in semantics here. I am not suggesting that you keep $1million in a savings account!)

Guess what…

Your YES or NO has much less to do with your access to money than it has to do with the belief and image you have about yourself and money.

That’s right.

You’re likely denying you and those that you love because of your thinking about money versus having it (now) or not.

I’m curious, what will it take for you TO say YES? Let me know below.

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