5 Proven Ways to Keep Your Family Strong, Happy, and Together During Chaos

by Dr. Barbara Eaton with special guest Dr. Chelsea Rainey I am excited to engage with you today on this topic that is near and dear to my heart. Families are who I fight for…not just keeping them as one, but helping them to be tightly woven together like a tweed fabric. The beauty and […]

What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: It is WAY TO EASY to allow our minds to render us ineffective in our businesses if we do not confront our desire for perfection with a pinch of REALITY. HERE’S THE TRUTH: We will not be able to stand the weight of our own perfectionism for long before […]

Mindset Upgrade

If you’re like me then potentially damaging stories pop into your mind on a regular basis. I developed a strategy that works 100% of the time…when I use it. ; ) I bathe my mind non-stop with empowering audio files from the boot camp trainings, podcasts or audio books. Perhaps you’re needing to upgrade your […]

Mindset Mindset Mindset

As chiropractors, we talk a lot about living to our optimum potential. We talk about how chiropractic care, reducing stress, eating well, and exercising can create the best environment for us to THRIVE in and to achieve our optimum potential. But what about our own mindset as a Chiropractor? Doesn’t our mindset have just as […]

3 Joy Robbers

I’ve identified three JOY robbers. See which are true for you and most importantly, what is your plan to shift? Difficult people Challenging circumstances Taking people or circumstances too seriously Difficult people: What are your boundaries to keep those who cause more stress than joy, out of your life? Are there relationships that will serve […]

How Is Fear Holding You Back?

If you have ever felt like a failure as a mom then you’re gonna want to have a listen to this conversation with Carrie Van Ness Gunderson. She totally NAILS what so many of us feel on a regular basis.

Upgrading your goals…

Nearly every stage I speak from, I ask the audience, “Raise your hand if you’re truly living to your optimum potential.” Shockingly, not one time-EVER-has anyone raised their hand. Shocking right? If you were in the audience and I asked that question, would you raise your hand? If you’re like me then you are forever […]

3 Quick Daily Habits To Get Back On Track

Looking for inspiration to get back on track and at maximum production? If you’re like me than this summer had all kinds of C-H-I-L-L associated with it! While it was fun while it lasted, it’s definitely time to get back into grind mode!! You with me? I must confess that since before I was even […]