7 Holiday and Referral Conversation Starters Every Chiropractor Needs

As a chiropractor, you know that building relationships with your patients is key to success. However, it can be tough to think of things to talk about during your appointments – especially when you’re busy serving. That’s why I’ve put together this list of conversation starters every chiropractor needs! These 7 Holiday Referral and Conversation […]

How To Build Your Referral Network

As an entrepreneur it can be a struggle to find the time and sometimes the confidence to reach out to your community providers one by one.

Leading From The Inside Out

As chiropractors and entrepreneurs, it’s no secret that we’re always leading from the inside out in some way. Whether we’re leading our children, community, leading friends, or other chiro colleagues, and there’s truly something beautiful to be said about leading from the inside out. Now, just because you own a business or have people working […]

Has inflation impacted your chiropractic practice yet?

What does it look like to view if inflation has impacted your chiropractic practice through the other side?  If inflation impacted your practice, what would that look like?  Inflation typically forces people to cinch up their purse strings. They become more selective with their cash flow. People become more nervous about the future and how […]

How To Keep Your Team On Track

Chiropractic Women being silly. Dr Barbara Eaton's Coaching Clients at the Peds Boot Camp at Sherman College. Blog Banner Cover.

I’m often asked by my chiro collages about the best strategies in keeping a team on track…. Now if you or your team is like me, we may share this common toxic trait – as soon as the weather is nice I want to throw my responsibilities out the window for a day or two […]

Super Simple Time Management Strategy

We’ve all tried the journals, the To Do lists, and Post it notes… you name it. I have yet to meet a person who tells me, “I just wish I had less time to get everything done.” Kinda comical, right?

3 Helpful Tips When Training Your Team

The TMO Method is a tried and true way of training your team. These 3 Helpful Tips – teach your te what to do, model it for them, and observe their work. This three-step process will help ensure that your team knows how to do their job correctly and efficiently. This training method has been […]

3 Simple Steps for Referrals

After you read these 3 simple steps for referrals, you may say something like, “Wow… Dr Barbara, this seems really simple.” — that’s because it is! Seriously, there’s no need to complicate things or have long and drawn out conversations…  Now, as chiropractors we all know that you can only help someone who first gives […]